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Your Dental Story

So many stories are linked to specific moments in your life. Do you remember the first time you scored a point for your sports team? Most of us have pictures or videos of the first time we rode a bike without training wheels. How about the time you pulled out of your garage behind the wheel of a car, and no parent was there to supervise, or tell you what to do? Specific scents that you smell may remind you of places you’ve visited. Your grandmother’s sweet perfume-filled warm hugs may remind you of unconditional love.

Memories are treasures we store in our hearts. They can never be taken from us. What are your dental memories? Most people recall when they lost their first tooth. Often they were lost during first grade lunch period while biting into that juicy apple. Maybe your first tooth was lost not so accidentally, but planned with much discussion and cleverness. How many of you had a string tied around your dangly tooth with the other end attached to something that would slam, pull, or catapult your tooth out of your mouth? Some of those memories you’d wish to forget, but they are just that, memories. Memories become stories told to your children and friends with fondness, and for fun. 

A tooth story passed on for generations is that of the Tooth Fairy. The modern form of the Tooth Fairy traditions has been dated back to 1927. There is also an earlier reference to the tooth fairy in a 1908 “Household Hints” item in a newspaper. The reward for lost teeth varies by country. The first money rewarded for your lost tooth is one linked to fantasy and fun had by both parents and children.

At Nautical Dental we want to hear your tooth stories. We want to hear your dental history, and be a part of your future dental stories. We care about your memories, your treasures, and most importantly, we care about you.

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